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     In 1968 the first wrought iron machine was developed by the Founder of the Company Hans-Erich hl. This motor driven bar twisting machine was the basis for further development. Over the following thirty years this simple, basic machine has grown into a complex machine system, that is still being continuously improved. The machines are built in our own factory on modern CNC machines.

     Meeting the customer’s needs and solving their problems is the core of our philosophy. Innovation, very considerable experience, and a highly qualified staff provide effective solutions.

Versatility - precision - longevity.

     This attention to detail provided the conditions for a worldwide clientele. Diversification in manufacturing and excellent quality control, enables us to offer considerable flexibility to our customers. These include industrial concerns, blacksmith, forges, lighting and furniture manufacturers. The varied applications of the machine created the demand to work with different material - steel, copper, brass, bronze and aluminum. This demonstrates the flexibility of our products.

     We are presently at more than fifteen exhibitions per year with agents or representatives and service in more than twenty countries. We continue to respond to market demands quickly.

Rosenthal Work Plant

Dodenhausen Work Plant


Work Plant

Rosenthal Work Plant

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