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Have you ever wondered why everybody wants to sell you parts?


     The answer is that there is a lot of gross profit in selling parts, and every time you buy a part you are renting time on someone else’s Hebo machine.



How a Hebo machine will contribute to your company.



Make Your Own Parts - Own the same machinery worldwide parts suppliers use. How much are you spending in parts every month? Good chance it is more than a lease payment would be.

Labor Cost Goes Down - Your least expensive employees become the most productive. Less than the cost of one $10/hr employee, with a useful life over 25 years. No payroll, overtime, workers comp, sick days, bad attitude...

Speed Up Turnaround - No waiting for parts or shipping. Reduce inventory. Manufacture Unique Ironwork - That is not cost effective to produce any other way.

Tax Shelter - Ask your CPA about Section 179 Federal Income Tax Deduction, which allows you to deduct up to $112,000 in equipment purchases.

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