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PLEASE READ: Requires membership login. Once you have clicked on the button above and entered the training site,  please enter your email address and password to create your membership account. Please email us at that you have created your membership account so that it may be approved. For returning members, please click 'login' in the right hand corner and enter your account information.

     When you buy your Hebo machine you get much more than just the best money making machine for our industry.  You also get the complete support and training from Stratford Gates.

     Once your machines have arrived we will come to your facility for a hands on training.  We also offer individual and group training at our facility as well (see video below).  In addition, we have an online training center that you will have access to which offers up numerous training videos.


     Besides the training on the machines we have also taught guys how to fabricate with aluminum, how to build gates, automate gates with access controls, and even sales and marketing tips.

*Special regulations for the state of California.  Contact us directly for further details.

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